Instrument Buying Tip:

Before investing in an instrument, it is always a good idea to have it inspected by a professional first. Subtle, hairline cracks, warping and separating seams are costly to repair, and may make the instrument more expensive to fix than it is worth. Atlanta String Repair is happy to inspect any instrument you may consider purchasing.

Instrument and Accessories for Sale:

Please inquire for a list of older instruments, bows, cases, instrument packages, and accessories for sale.

Instruments for sale

Svetlovsky 7/8 bass

This Svetlovsky bass is 7/8th size, gamba shaped with a flat back. Back and sides are willow, with a sitka spruce top. The neck is made from flame maple and the fingerboard and trimmings (nut, saddle) are made from high quality ebony.

All woods are of the highest quality and have been air dried for many years. Fine Sloan machines and carbon fiber endpin. Scroll and soundboard are hand carved. The finish is oil varnish.

The instrument is set up and ready to play, with a Spirocore E string, and LaBella A, D, and G strings. This instrument is for symphony or jazz professionals.

Contact Eduard for more details.

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